Our History

The NYC Correction Guardians Association is PROUD of our Black Historical figures.


Frederick Douglas

First Black Federal Marshal was FREDERICK DOUGLAS. After serving a short term as Police Commissioner of the District of Columbia.


James A. Thomas

First Black Captain in the N.Y.C. Department of Correction was JAMES A. THOMAS. Captain Thomas went on to become the First Black Warden on a N.Y.C. Correctional Facility and now the old “Pen” has been named in his honor.


Jessie Behagen

First Black Female Captain in the NYC Dept. of Correction


William L. Rowe

First Black Deputy Police Commissioner in the N.Y.C. Police Department was WILLIAM L. ROWE, appointed by N.Y.C. Mayor Vincent Impellitieri, completing his term of service in 1954.


Maurice Gray

First Black Deputy Commissioner, Later became a Judge.


Leonard 12X Weir

Founder and President of the National Society of Afro- American Policemen in the N.Y.C. Police Department.


Arnold Cream

ARNOLD CREAM, aka JERSEY JOE WALCOTT became a Shefiff of his hometown – Camden, New Jersey after his boxing career until he was appointed New Jersey’s State Director of Special Olympics – a program involving sports projects for handicapped children.


Jessie Behagen

First Black Female Superintendent in the N.Y.C. Department of Correction


James A. Thomas

First Black Warden (Provisional) in the N.Y.C. Department of Correction.


Lloyd Sealy

Deputy Inspector, N.Y.P.D., appointed to Assistant Chief inspector in ~he Lindsay Administration. He was an advisor on race relations to the Mayor Mr. Scaly was law educated and was on the faculty of John Jay College of Criminal Justice when he died in 1988.


James A. Thomas and James C. Harrison

Sworn in on April 29th, 1969 as Wardens. They became the First Black Civil Service Wardens.


Benjamin Malcolm

First Black Commissioner of the New York Department of Correction.


National Black Police Association

Formation of the National Black Police Association in St. Louis, Missouri.


Jacqueline McMickens

First Black In-Charge of the Correction Academy.


Gerald Brown

GERALD BROWN was the First Black Chief of Operations of the New York City Department of Correction. GLORIA LEE was the First Black Female Warden assigned to a male facility.


Jacqueline McMickens

First Black Female Correction Commissioner, after having served as the First Female Chief of Operations.


Alexander Jenkins

The First Black Supervising Warden in the Department of Correction, N.Y.C. was ALEXANDER JENKINS a Former President of the Correction Guardians Association.


Benjamin Ward

BENJAMIN WARD was the First Black Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department.


Robert T. Johnson

The First Black District Attorney in N.Y.C. for the Borough of The Bronx is ROBERT T. JOHNSON.